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Accessible Travel

We’re committed to delivering an excellent service for all of our customers. Here you will find all the information you need to plan your journey, book assistance and learn about our plans for enhancing accessibility.

  • Accessible travel during Covid 19
      • Is assistance still available?
        Yes. We are asking customers where they can to book ahead. Where customer’s can’t book, we’ll still provide assistance as quick as we can.
      • Why are rail companies asking me to book in advance?
        We have limited numbers of staff available in some areas due to challenges such as staff isolating, some staff shielding or even just social distancing. We don’t want this to impact on customer journeys wherever possible. If customers can book, we’ll be able to reserve seats or spaces and plan best. If a customer cannot book, we’ll do our best to assist as quick as possible.

        We know that sometimes customers can’t book ahead, especially when the customer might be working or building up their mental health to feeling confident to make a journey. You can find all of the contact details for train operators on this page.
      • What makes a journey necessary?
        It can be anything from needing to access the shops, attend a medical appointment or travel to work. We are here to provide train services to customers who have no alternative to travel.
      • Do disabled people need to wear a face covering?
        People with a disability or illness that means that they cannot wear a face covering can still travel by train. However, we do not have a definitive list of which illnesses or disabilities that make a person exempt. We are asking our staff to be considerate when using their discretion. The following kinds of illness or disability may mean someone does not need to wear a face covering:
        • Breathing difficulties
        • Conditions affecting dexterity
        • Mental health conditions such as anxiety or panic disorders
        • Autism
        • Dementia
        • Visual impairments or with a restricted field of vision
        • Anyone reliant on lip reading – including companions or carers for whom a face covering would impeded their ability to communicate
        • Also, people are permitted to remove their face covering to take medication.

          Staff are also being briefed about this.
      • I can’t pay by card. Can I still buy a ticket with cash?
        Yes. Ticket offices are still open for customers who need to purchase tickets using cash. Please be aware that staff might ask if you can pay by card. Please don’t be afraid to say “I need to pay cash”.
      • What if the ticket I need isn’t available on a ticket machine?
        Ticket offices are still open for customers who need to purchase tickets or use a discount that isn’t available on a ticket machine. Please pay by card if you can. We know this might not always be possible.
      • What if I can’t use a ticket machine?
        Ticket offices are still open for customers who need to purchase tickets or use a discount that isn’t available on a ticket machine. Please pay by card if you can. We know this might not always be possible.
      • I need a priority seat or wheelchair space. I can’t reserve these on my train. Can I still travel and if so, how should I do this?
        You can still travel on most services without a reservation. If you need a wheelchair space onboard, staff will make sure that you can use the wheelchair space for your wheelchair or mobility device as a priority. If there are no wheelchair spaces available because other wheelchair users are using them, we will assist you on to the next available service.

        We will help customers find a priority seat where possible. If you can, please give up a priority seat to a customer who needs it.

        If your operator is providing services that require a reservation, you should reserve a space in advance. Please visit your train operator’s website to check.
      • I am blind or living with vision loss. Can staff still guide me?
        Staff will still provide guidance when needed. Please don’t hesitate to explain to staff what you need to make your journey. Please be aware that some staff might ask if they can use a covering between their arm and your hand. This is to provide as much safety to you as possible.

        If you need direction from the staff in any way, please don’t hesitate to explain what you need from them.
      • I am D/deaf or living hearing loss and I need to lip read. Do I need to use a face covering? Can staff remove their face coverings?
        If you need to remove a covering or ask a member of staff to remove theirs to communicate, please remember to give staff two metres space to ensure that social distancing can be adhered. If staff are behind screens and light is reflecting on the screen, please ask if they could write down any information for you or move to enable you to lip read.

        If you are reliant on lip reading – for example with companions or carers – for your journey, you will not be expected to wear a covering when communicating.

        Please wear a face covering when not communicating for your safety if you can.
      • I have a mental health condition that means I cannot wear a face covering. Will staff be made aware that I am exempt?

        Yes. We will brief staff to ensure that they are considerate and discrete when engaging customers about wearing a face covering.
      • Do I need to provide proof I can’t wear a face mask?
        No. Staff will be briefed to understand that any customer who is living with a disability will not be required to provide any proof.

Booking assisted travel

Our normal Passenger Assist service continues is available for those requiring extra help to travel. We encourage passengers to book assistance before you travel – it will really help us plan and make sure you’re not hanging around. 

Booking assistance is easy and we’ll always do our best to help you whether you’re travelling at short notice or booking assistance in advance.


Mobility scooters and wheelchairs

You can bring your mobility scooter on our trains as long as it meets our guidelines.


Train Accessibility

Find out about on-board facilities to help you plan your journey.

Please be aware that our Class 142 and 143 trains do not feature fully accessible facilities, including toilets. These trains are operating coupled, or joined up with an accessible Class 150 train (accessibility details of Class 150 available here)


Tickets and discounts

There are lots of ways to buy your tickets and many discounts on offer to suit a range of needs.


Station accessibility

Check what accessibility features each station has, based on your access needs.


Policies and information

Find out about our policies and what we’re doing to improve access for our disabled and older customers.


Initiatives for independent travel

We support many schemes to help customers with access needs to travel comfortably, safely and as independently as possible.


BSL Interpretation App

Transport for Wales Rail Services are partnering with InterpreterNow to aid communication between our Deaf BSL customers and our front line colleagues.


Accessibility Panel

Our Accessibility Panel influences our policies and advises us on how to support disabled, Deaf and older customers to use our services effectively.