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Travel safer. Plan ahead. Reserve a place.

We’re doing all we can to help everyone travel safer at the current time.

Places are limited on our trains to help with social distancing. Reserve a place before your journey, as well as buying your ticket. If you don’t and your intended train is fully reserved, you may need to travel at a different time when reservations are available.

Reservations can be made where available when purchasing tickets, and also on our Cambrian, North Wales Coast and Marches lines, and stations between Cardiff and Gloucester using our reservations platform.

Without a reservation, the train you want may already be full.


Welcome back!

We’ve missed you. We’ve been making sure our trains and stations are ready for when you decide to return. 


Which trains have most space?

You can find out before you travel which of our trains typically have plenty of space for social distancing and which ones may be full. 

Capacity Checker


How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can currently only be made up to 6 weeks before your journey.

Reservations can be made at the same time as buying your tickets on our website and on our app.
At a Self-Service Ticket Machine

When buying tickets from a self-service ticket machine at one of our railway stations you’ll also need to:

Reserve online

  • Visit this web page to make a reservation on the TfW service(s) for which your ticket is valid.
    We’ll then email it to you. 


Call 0333 3211 202

  • To speak to our team who’ll make a reservation for you.
At a Station Ticket Office
When buying tickets at a station ticket office, our Customer Service colleagues can help make reservations for all applicable parts of your journey.


Got a ticket but no reservation?

If you already have a TfW train ticket but no reservation or you have a multi-journey ticket (typically Season Tickets including Smartcards, Multiflex carnet, Anytime tickets with a return portion valid for a month, Rovers and Rangers and Concessionary travel passes) you should make a reservation before starting all parts of your journey. 

Make a reservation online

Call 0333 3211 202


Need to know:

Our reservations are subject to availability. If your intended train is fully reserved, you may need to make this journey at a different time when reservations are available. We recommend checking whether reservations are available on your train of choice before buying your ticket.

If you then need to change or cancel tickets call 0333 3211 202 or talk to our Customer Service colleagues at a station. There may be an administration charge for some ticket alterations. Changes to e-tickets purchased on this website and the TfW Rail app are free when made via the website.

Please bring proof of your reservations for all parts of your journey, including both outward and return legs for the relevant tickets. Regular checks by our staff mean you may not be allowed to travel if you don’t have a reservation.

Many types of train ticket, however, may be purchased up to 12 weeks before travel. Also, multi-journey products, such as Season tickets, can be purchased for travel over long periods – up to a year. Please ensure you get a reservation for all the train journeys you’ll make.

You must also have a valid ticket for your journey.

We can only provide seat reservations for Transport for Wales services. Other train companies operating on our routes may also require reservations. Please check with individual operators before your journey & to check if a reservations is required.

Don’t forget, you must wear a face-covering on trains and at stations unless you are exempt. More information on how to travel safer can be found here.