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Q. Do I need a face covering?

You must wear a face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you’re exempt. Please be respectful, not everyone can wear a face covering.

For guidance visit


Q. I’ve just returned from holiday and have to quarantine for 14 days but I travelled by train to the airport, can I still get the train?

If you have returned from a country that is not exempt from quarantine you can travel by train to get to where you are going to self-isolate if necessary. Please wear a face covering (unless you are exempt), maintain social distance wherever possible and take the most direct route. More information is available on the website.


Q. What does the reduced service mean?

In line with the rest of the UK rail industry, and based on advice from public health bodies, we have taken the difficult decision to reduce passenger services Monday through Saturday. It’s based on Sunday service frequency, but we’ve added in additional trains for peak times and some of the service times have changed especially on routes where there are services run by other train operators.

This timetable has been designed to be as resilient as possible, whilst ensuring we balance a reduction in demand, availability of our people and the need to support key workers such as health, food retailers and delivery teams at times when they need to get to work.


Q. Why are you introducing this new timetable?

This decision takes into account the latest public health guidance to protect customers and colleagues and fewer people using our services during this unprecedented period.

Like everyone, our colleagues and their families are feeling the impact of the pandemic and we thank customers for your patience and understanding.


Q. When will I know what time my train is running?

For affected passengers, full details of the changes will be available to view in online journey planners. Please check before you travel as the timetables are being changed on a regular basis and also improvement works are still continuing across the network with rail replacement services in operation especially over weekends. Your ability to easily change travel plans during these extreme circumstances is really important to us, and we’re keen to offer you flexibility.  You can find more information here: Covid-19 .


Q. When does the reduced timetable start?

It began on the 23 March and amendments will continue to be made on a regular basis until further notice. A revision to this was made on 17 May in order to slightly increase train frequency and capacity to better support social distancing requirements on-board. 


Q. Will this change?

We will continue to prioritise peak periods in order to ensure we do not create overly busy travelling conditions and will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis to ensure people that need to travel during the period can still travel when absolutely necessary.


Q How long will this go on for?

It’ll continue indefinitely – though we are monitoring developments continually and there may be further changes, depending upon the spread of the virus.


Q. Why are timetable posters at stations still advertising a December – May timetable?

Our current timetable is based around the timetable introduced in December. Once we move onto the new timetable the posters will be replaced.


Q.  Is the Passenger Assist service for disabled rail passengers still being provided?

Our normal Passenger Assist service continues and is available for those requiring extra help to travel we advise that disabled customers if at all possible book this service in advance of travel, consider where possible travelling off-peak and whether travel is essential. 


Q. What if we can't Social Distance on your services?

Due to diminished seating opportunities within carriages resultant from C19 social distancing we will provide and increasingly offer alternative transport (Accessible taxis) 


Q. What additional cleaning is being carried out?

On train and station cleaning: 

  • TfW have adopted an enhanced cleaning regime on our trains and at our stations.  

  • TfW are focusing on cleaning high-touch areas in trains and at stations, such as handrails and ticket machine touch screens, lifts, WCs. 

  •  Providing hand sanitiser in dispensers placed about the station for the use of customers and staff 

  • Opportunities for hand washing / cleaning are maximised with motion-sensor sanitizer dispensers provided on many of our station platforms and concourses and on-board trains and  

  • Additional signage is present informing customers that additional cleaning is taking place.  


Q. What happens if the train you want is full? 

In cases of major delays or disruption, rail replacement buses should continue to be used. Supplementary transport provision should be provided, where possible, if demand exceeds the capacity provided to ensure passengers can complete their essential travel. 


Q. What happens if the last service of the day is full?

If you are unable to board the last service of the day because you think it’s not safe and your journey is essential, we will arrange alternative transport for you if you hold a valid ticket.

You can request alternative transport by:

Contacting TfW via Help Point
Call 03333 212202  by phone
Ask the conductor on the last service or station staff to arrange alternative transport for you.


Q. What if we can't Social Distance on your services? 

Due to diminished seating opportunities within carriages resultant from C19 social distancing we will provide and increasingly offer alternative transport (Accessible taxi’s) 


Q. I can’t pay by card. Can I still buy a ticket with cash?

Yes. Ticket offices are still open for customers who need to purchase tickets using cash. Please be aware that staff might ask if you can pay by card. Please don’t be afraid to say “I need to pay cash”.

Q. What if the ticket I need isn’t available on a ticket machine?

Ticket offices are still open for customers who need to purchase tickets or use a discount that isn’t available on a ticket machine. Please pay by card if you can. We know this might not always be possible