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We offer free WiFi on-board most of our trains and 50 of our stations across the country.

How to use the free WiFi 

  1. Turn on your WiFi on your device 
  2. Search for and join the network marked _Transport for Wales WiFi 
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for sign-up
  4. That's it, enjoy your free WiFi



Can use more than one device?

Yes, although you will need to go through the registration on each device separately

Can I get my Webmail like Gmail?

Yes, we fully support webmail access to Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

Can I use a VPN?

Yes, In fact, if you are connecting to the internet through your own laptop we would recommend using a VPN client for secure access to company intranets and mail servers. Check that your company VPN supports NAT traversal and allows multiple connections from a single IP address. Check with your IT staff. Please ensure that you are logged in through the portal page before you use your VPN.

What speeds can I expect?

We cannot guarantee the speed that you receive but we aim to offer our customers speeds of around 1MB. There are many variables which can affect the internet data speeds. These include the number of people browsing on our network at that given time, how far away the site is from the nearest BT exchange and also the quality of the wireless signal. If you would like further details on what speeds to expect from the service please feel free to email

The access speed is really slow?

If the access speed is slow, you are probably in a poor signal strength area. Try moving closer to the access point. Check your wireless icon. It will have some method of detecting signal strength which will allow you to move around until you are in a good signal strength area. 

Are there any data usage limits?

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions, our Fair Usage Policy is up to 20GB per month

Why are some site blocked and I cannot gain access to them?

WiFI SPARK block certain categories such as P2P file sharing. If you feel that a site is incorrectly blocked, please let us know so that we can investigate.

Which trains do not have Wifi?

Some of our trains currently do not have Wifi, however we are in the process of installing routers on board. The trains without Wifi are:

Class 153 - operate Heart of Wales, West Wales, Conwy Valley, City Line and Cardiff Bay routes.

Class 170 - operate between Maesteg and Cheltenham.

How can I get help?

If you cannot find the answer to query here, you can get in touch using the below details
On Train - Icomera

At Station - Wifi Spark
0344 848 9555

WiFi Terms and conditions

Our WiFI welcome page