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  • Claim Compensation
    We always try and ensure our trains run on time, but delays do occur sometimes and when this happens, we will offer fair and appropriate compensation.
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  • Events
    There are lots of events that take place on our network every month, from Six Nations matches to food, music and Welsh cultural festivals.
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  • On Board
    Everything you need to know about travelling on our trains
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  • Passenger Assist
    These frequently asked questions provide information about our current arrangements for helping disabled and older passengers travel on our trains including details about our facilities at stations. It also provides useful contact details and information that you may need for planning your journeys.
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  • Ticket Info
    Need to change your ticket? or find out how to get the cheapest ticket? Here's everything you need to know about tickets
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  • Timetable Alterations
    Want to know more about how we deal with delays, break downs, service alterations, and disruptions. Here are some frequently asked questions around our timetable
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Did you know about...

  • Did you know?
    Multiflex Tickets
    Are our lowest Single fare for hundreds of regular journeys
    Available exclusively on our App
  • Did you know?
    You can go paperless
    Buy your ticket at a ticket vending machine then tap in/out at stations.
    TfW Smartcards
  • Did you know?
    You can check how busy your train is likely to be?
    So you can decide the best time for your journey before you book.
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