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I want to reach out to people and recognise the challenges we and the rest of the world are currently facing in battling Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the difficult impact it is having on life and communities.  

Our role is to help people go about their everyday lives, enabling both work and leisure activities and to support prosperity through transport services.  We take great pride in our role and always aim to do our best.  It goes without saying that our people are at the heart of what we do.  

We have a responsibility to our people and to you, to ensure all activities needed to support our services are delivered safely, protecting people and minimising risks involved.  Covid-19 is a new and evolving situation and we are following NHS and industry guidelines very carefully, adapting our plans on a daily basis to reflect new information as it emerges.  

In addition, we are taking steps to reduce the impact and spread of Covid-19 by increasing cleaning activities, communicating protection measures and focusing on continuity of service.  

I understand that many people rely on our trains and that these are worrying times.  Unfortunately, there will be some significant changes as we implement new measures to protect people and preserve continuity.  I promise that we will do our best to communicate planned service changes in advance.  Where disruption happens, we will refund any ticket that can’t be used or journey that is delayed for 15 minutes or more in accordance with our Delay Repay Policy.  Equally, if you change your mind and do not travel, your ticket will be refunded or exchanged.  

If you have any questions, our customer service team will be happy to help.  

In these uncertain times, and where possible, it is better for everyone to plan ahead and allow for changes to the normal timetable.  

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.  

Best wishes