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Metro is all about making it easier to travel, whether you’re travelling by train, bus, bike or on foot.  It’s about making it easier to get to work or school, to get to your hospital appointment or to get out and about in the evenings and weekends using public transport.

Metro will be a world-class transport network that will transform people’s lives in Wales and the borders, improving access to job, leisure and other opportunities. Metro will also transform Wales’ economic prospects.

What benefits can you expect?

Rail services will be a key part of Metro and customers can expect a modern, turn-up-and-go service that offers:

  • Quicker journeys, with reduced journey times
  • Better connections between different types of transport
  • Greater capacity
  • More frequent services
  • More reliable services 
  • More accessible services
  • Cheaper tickets and more affordable train travel
  • Greener services

From December 2022, we’ll be introducing new trains that provide customers with level boarding.


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Three Metro schemes

We’re currently working on three Metro schemes in Wales and the borders, click to find out more;

South Wales Metro
Swansea Bay Metro
North Wales Metro



We’re busy behind the scenes building the new, more comfortable trains that will provide our customers with a modern, effective, turn-up-and-go Metro service and you’ll start to see these in service from 2022.

These trains will significantly increase our capacity and transform our customers’ travelling experiences.  They’ll also offer lots of new features including level boarding, increased bicycle storage space and air conditioning.


Our Future Fleet

Stadler FLIRT (TMMU)

Stadler FLIRT (TMMU) 

We'll be using innovative Tri-mode multiple unit (diesel, electric, battery) which are much greener for the environment. Currently being built in Switzerland by Stadler. 


Stadler Citylink

Stadler Citylink

You can expect to see these units on the railway and on-street tramwys. Being built in Valencia by Stadler these electric/battery tram-train have good acceleration and environmentally friendly.


Stadler FLIRT (DEMU)

Stadler FLIRT (DEMU)

Four-carriage electric and diesel trains similar to our tri-mode trains.


Metro update

Each of the Metro schemes we’re working on are at different stages of development. 
Work has already started on the South Wales Metro and you can read our latest news here.