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  • Planned improvement works
    Planning a trip over the coming days or weeks? You can use this tool to see if there are any planned improvement works 
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  • Capacity checker
    This Capacity Checker tool helps give an indication of the trains that are often full and the ones with plenty of seats available, so you can decide the best time for your journey.
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  • Our current timetable
    We are currently running a different timetable to usual to help Keep Wales Safe. We are constantly reviewing our timetables, so we recommend checking our live journey planner on this website or on our app before travelling.
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  • Autumn 2020
    Autumn traditionally causes operational problems on the rail network across the UK. Network Rail and Transport for Wales have been working closely together all year to prepare and to keep customers moving this autumn and winter.
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Did you know about...

  • Did you know?
    Multiflex Tickets
    Are our lowest Single fare for hundreds of regular journeys
    Available exclusively on our App
  • Did you know?
    You can go paperless
    Buy your ticket at a ticket vending machine then tap in/out at stations.
    TfW Smartcards
  • Did you know?
    You can check how busy your train is likely to be?
    So you can decide the best time for your journey before you book.
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