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Welcome back!

We’ve missed you. We’ve been making sure our trains and stations are ready for when you decide to return.

This Capacity Checker tool helps give an indication of the trains that are often full and the ones with plenty of seats available*, so you can decide the best time for your journey.

Find out more about our safety measures here.


  • Seats likely to be available
  • Fewer seats available for social distancing
  • Trains expected to be busier with few or no seats available for social distancing
  • No data available at this station for this service.

Travelling to Barry Island, Tenby and seaside resorts along the Cambrian and North Wales Coast this summer?

Train services to these coastal destinations will be extremely busy on weekends, bank holidays and school holidays especially if the weather is good. 

Data in the capacity checker may not reflect these seasonal fluctuations.

  • *How accurate is our Capacity Checker?

      • This tool shows typical use of our services throughout a 30-minute window from the departure time you select.

      • We've calculated our capacity information based on daily customer counts. We've also looked at the historic data from previous weeks to help us get a view on our service capacity week on week. This gives an indication of how many passengers are travelling on each of our services. 

      • This data is just an indication and is not to be taken as a real-time reflection on the capacity of our services. Some train services may not be included in the collection of this information.

      • Due to Covid-19, train timetables may be subject to change. If your intended train is not in the list, please use the information for the time that is closest to it.

      • The information is for our direct train services only. 
      • Information will not be available where trains are replaced by buses or if there is disruption to normal services. 
      • In order to improve services for customers, our train times are constantly reviewed. This means that some of the train times shown in this Capacity Checker (using historic information) may occasionally be different to those shown in more up to date journey planning and ticket buying systems.


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