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Every period we hold mystery shopper surveys where we send people on journeys across our network to gather insight on everything from the ticket buying experience, experience with TFW Staff and right through their actual journey.

These surveys are arranged and conducted by an external company who send people across our network and score us in detail, so we can use the information to improve the service we provide following this feedback. We hold over 50 surveys each period and we publish the results here every period.

Mystery Shopper Survey Period 11:  5 January - 1 February 2020



  • Overall impression of TfW: 73% of mystery shoppers gave a score equal to or greater than 8 in P11

  • 75% of Mystery shoppers were impressed with the station concourse/ticket hall they visited

  • 98% of mystery shoppers felt that the station they visited was clean.

  • 78% were satisfied with the train they journeyed on overall,

  • Overall satisfaction with members of staff across the network was 88%

Mystery Shopper Survey Likelihood of Recommendation