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  • Check train times and buy tickets
    Check train times and buy tickets
    Use our journey planning tool to plan your trip, check train times and prices and buy your tickets
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  • App
    Download the TfW Rail app now. Plan your journey and buy train tickets with our app. The TfW Rail app keeps you updated when you’re on the move and allows you to book tickets on the go.
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  • Revenue Protection
    Revenue Protection
    It’s not only fair but it’s the law that everyone must have a valid ticket for their journey. As a not-for-profit organisation, Transport for Wales reinvests money from ticket revenues back into our network, helping to fund new trains and station improvements for our local communities.
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  • How to buy train tickets for others
    How to buy train tickets for others
    It's easy to buy a train ticket for someone else. We've covered all your options here.  
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  • Lowest available fare
    Lowest available fare
    We aim to always offer you the Lowest Available Fare when you purchase tickets through our website, app, ticket offices, or ticket vending machines.
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  • Ways to buy your ticket
    Ways to buy your ticket
    When you buy a ticket with us, you’ll only ever pay the face value. And we won’t charge you any other fees.   
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Did you know about...

  • Did you know?
    Multiflex Tickets
    Are our lowest Single fare for hundreds of regular journeys
    Available exclusively on our App
  • Did you know?
    Plan ahead. Reserve a place.
    We’re doing all we can to help everyone travel safer at the current time.
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  • Did you know?
    Travel safer
    You can plan ahead and decide when to travel using our Capacity Checker.
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