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  • Contactless travel
    We've prioritised the availability of contactless journey planning, ticket buying and travel with our TfW Rail app, website, Smartcard and self-service ticket machines
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  • Advance tickets
    Advance tickets are our best value fares and Railcard discounts can be used when booking. They’re one-way tickets so you can mix and match them. You can only use them on the train you booked.
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  • Anytime tickets
    Anytime tickets are brilliant for flexibility because you can use them any time of the day, any day of the week. You can buy them prior to the day of travel or right before your journey so you don't need to pre-book.
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  • Business travel
    We offer a host of benefits when you book your business travel tickets with us
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  • Concessionary travel
    If you have a Concessionary Travel Pass from a Welsh Local Authority, you can travel free on many of our trains.
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  • First Class
    Whether you're travelling for business, and need to use your time productively, or for pleasure, and just want to take time out to read, listen to music and watch the world go by. First Class tickets provide the perfect option.
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  • Mobile tickets
    Our mobile tickets will save you time at the station. We’ll send your ticket straight to your Android or Apple phone.
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  • Multiflex
    Multiflex, our 12 ticket ‘carnet’, is the lowest Single fare for hundreds of different journeys.
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  • Off-peak tickets
    Available at quieter times of the day, Off-peak tickets offer great value and flexibility. You can buy them prior to the day of travel or just before your journey. Even better, you can use them any time at weekends and bank holidays.
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  • Rovers and Rangers
    Explore Wales by train with a Rover or Ranger ticket. You get unlimited travel for one day and you can choose which part of the network to explore. And you don’t need to plan ahead. You can buy them on the day from one of our ticket offices or on the train. 
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Did you know about...

  • Did you know?
    Multiflex Tickets
    Are our lowest Single fare for hundreds of regular journeys
    Available exclusively on our App
  • Did you know?
    You can go paperless
    Buy your ticket at a ticket vending machine then tap in/out at stations.
    TfW Smartcards
  • Did you know?
    You can check how busy your train is likely to be?
    So you can decide the best time for your journey before you book.
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