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If you make the same journey more than 3 times a week, you could save money with a Season ticket.

You can choose from 7-day, monthly or annual tickets. Or we can tailor them for any period of time between one and 12 months.

And generally speaking the longer the term of the ticket, the greater the saving you'll make.



You can buy a Season ticket

  1. Online if you already have a photocard; or

  2. From one of our  ticket offices

You'll need a photocard to accompany your season ticket and we'll provide one free if you have two recent passport-style photos of yourself.

You can find out how much a Season ticket will save you by using the National Rail Season Ticket Calculator.


How to renew your Season ticket

  • You can renew online up to two weeks before your existing ticket expires; or
  • We'll be happy to renew it for you at one of our ticket offices
  • In either case, you'll need your photocard with you at the time of renewal


When you can buy a Season ticket

  • You can buy a 7-day Season ticket on the day. And if you want to start using it on a Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a bank holiday), you can buy it ahead of time on Sunday any time after 0600
  • If you want to start using your Season ticket on a Sunday, Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a bank holiday), you can buy it prior to the day of travel any time after midday the Friday before
  • In all the cases, you can buy your Season ticket after midday the day before travel


Save more with a Corporate Season Ticket Scheme

From 1st January 2020, you can save 5% on the cost of your annual Season Ticket through our Corporate season ticket scheme. Find out more by visiting our Corporate season ticket page here.