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No more paper tickets

Smartcards can be used on many routes on our network. They are available for weekly, monthly and annual season ticket holders at the moment, with a view to rolling out other products for smartcard soon.

Get a Smartcard


How does a Smartcard work

  1. Buy your Tickets

    • You can purchase tickets, online, at any of our ticket vending machines from 1 April 2020, with the ability to purchase at most booking offices.
    • If you've bought your ticket online via our website or app, simply select Smartcard as your delivery type
      • Weeklies, Monthlies and Annuals are available on the following routes:

        • Route Available on Smartcard from
          Cardiff* - Penarth 1 Apr 2019
          Chester  - Shrewsbury 1 Apr 2019
          Cardiff* - Rhymney 1 Sep 2019
          Cardiff* - Barry Island 1 Sep 2019
          Cardiff* - Swansea 1 Sep 2019
          Cardiff* - Aberdare 1 Nov 2019
          Cardiff* - Treherbert 1 Nov 2019
          Cardiff* - Ebbw Vale Parkway 1 Jan 2020
          Cardiff* - Maesteg 1 Jan 2020
          Cardiff* - Cardiff Bay 1 Jan 2020
          Cardiff* - Merthyr Tydfil 1 Jan 2020
          Cardiff* - Swansea** / Severn Tunnel Junction 1 Jan 2020
          Cardiff* - Bridgend (via Barry) 1 Jan 2020
          City Line (Coryton - Radyr) 1 Jan 2020
          Cardiff* - Shrewsbury 1 Jun 2020
          Swansea - Carmarthen 1 Jun 2020
          Shrewsbury - Manchester Piccadilly 1 Jun 2020
          Carmarthen - West Wales 1 Jun 2020
          Chester - Holyhead 1 Jun 2020
          Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury 1 Jun 2020
          Lydney 1 Jun 2020

          * Cardiff Central and Cardiff Queen Street
          **7 Day first Class also available

  2. Load your Tickets

    • If you purchase from any of our ticket machines, load your ticket onto your card when prompted - Select smartcard from the home screen and hold card against the card reader
    • Ticket Offices – Smartcard is placed on the reader and ticket is loaded when the card is read
    • Your ticket will be available to load onto your smart card, which will grant you access to the gate
    • ​​If Season tickets are ordered via the Website, they can be loaded onto a smartcard using our app when connected to WiFi
      • How to load a smartcard using your phone

        • 1) Switch on NFC.
        • 2) Log into TfW App and click on the home icon.
        • 3) Click on smart icon.
        • Smart icon
        • 4) Screen requests that you present your smartcard.
        • Present Smartcard
    • Season tickets ordered via the Website can also be loaded onto a smartcard at the Origin Location and from the following devices (where available)
    • Gates – Hold smartcard against yellow card reader
    • Platform Validators – Installed during 2020
      Platform Validators

  3. Tap and Go

    • Your Smartcard is now ready to use. Just present your Smartcard to the reader at the ticket gates, and tap out at the gates when exiting the station at your destination. You'll also need to present your card for inspection when the conductor comes round.

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Why Choose a Smartcard

Faster travel - Speed through the station. Simply buy your ticket at one of our ticket vending machines and tap in and out at stations.

Tough and reliable - Say goodbye to damaged paper tickets and ticket gate hold-ups. Everything’s loaded onto your durable Smartcard.

Peace of mind - Lost your Smartcard? We’ve got you covered. Call our team on 0333 3211 202 and we’ll send you a replacement card, with all your unused tickets ready to load.

It's free to try - The TfW Smartcard is completely free! Get yours here

Get a Smartcard


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