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Our specialist Group Travel team can help you plan your journey and find the best fare.

Large Groups (10 or more)

Call our group travel department on 02920 320002 to save 25% on our standard fares. Our Group tickets are limited in number and must be booked at least seven days ahead.

Small Group Day Tickets

If you’re travelling together with friends or family, groups of three to nine can get a discount of up to 25% with Small Group Day tickets. You can use them off-peak, which generally means trains departing from 0930, before 1600 and after 1830 on weekdays

We don’t offer any other discounts or offers with our Group tickets.

Things to remember when travelling in a group

Your group must travel together on the same trains. 

We don’t give child discounts with Small Group Day tickets but they can be used by children. 

Getting on and off trains in large groups can cause delays. So we kindly ask that your group coordinator makes sure that everyone is prepared for the departure and arrival of your train. At the station, you must arrive at the platform at least ten minutes before your train departs. On the train - ahead of your arrival - your group should have all their belongings packed up and be ready to go.


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